DPH Reports Another Covid Related Death in Stephens

The Georgia Department of Public Health is reporting another death in Stephens County bringing the total to 57 and 2,439 have tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

The latest report was released Thursday afternoon.

The latest report shows an additional death in Habersham County, bringing that total now to 101 and now 4,018 positive cases of the virus.

In other neighboring counties, Banks County is now reporting two more deaths bringing that total to 22 and now 1,316 cases, Rabun County is still reporting 25 deaths and now 1,209 cases, Franklin County is still reporting 25 deaths and now 1,903 positive cases, and Hart County is still reporting 23 deaths and now 1,373 cases.

The number of positive tests across the state of Georgia continue to climb at the same rate of nearly 6,000 or more daily. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, over 6,000 more cases were documented since Wednesday bringing that total to 660,720, of those, 500 more were hospitalized bringing that total to 45,893, and 147 more deaths since Wednesday due to complications of the virus bringing the total to 10,721.