DNR Offers Classes for New Hunters as Squirrel Hunting Season Begins

Squirrel hunting season kicks off today and it is typically the time when young people get their first experience with hunting game.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division, unlike some big game hunts, the pursuit of squirrels often involves more action for energetic youth, providing a greater level of interaction with the outdoors.

The season runs through February 29th.
Hunters can pursue both gray and fox squirrels with a maximum daily bag limit of 12 per hunter.

And for those who are new to both small and large game hunting in Georgia, the Georgia DNR offers a number of Hunt and Learn programs that provide an educational experience targeted to those with little to no hunting experience.

Leana McMillan is a Hunting and Shooting Education Specialist with the Georgia DNR.

She says participants will learn a lot not only about hunting, but also about the game they want to pursue.

“They will learn about how to identify the game animal they want to hunt, the regulations for hunting that specific animal, the habitat and different hunting tactics for that specific animal. And we will also have live firearm education that will go over firearm safety, effective shot placement, and how to select the correct firearm for the game animal they want to hunt,” said McMillan.

Hunt and Learn programs run from one to three days and are available to hunters ages 12 to 17 as well as adults of all ages.

McMillan said this is a great way for new hunters who want to hunt squirrel to get started.

“We have a few Squirrell Hunting 101 courses for those who want to hunt them. You don’t actually hunt in a 101 class,” she explained. “You come and you learn the basics of squirrell hunting and do a little target practice. And then that way, you know the basics for going out and squirrel hunting on your own. However, we also have one-day squirrel hunts where we will take you on a guided squirrel hunt.”

Registration for Hunt and Learns and 101 Courses is now open. Adults and children (16 and older) must obtain the appropriate hunting licenses for the species being hunted.

To sign up for a Hunt and Learn class, you can go online to www.georgiawildlife.com/learntohuntfish and fill out an application, and then email it to HD.TEMP2@dnr.ga.gov.

If you need more information, visit www.georgiawildlife.com/LearntoHuntFish.