Discriminatory Law Suit against City of Toccoa dismissed

The Law Suit against the City of Toccoa alleging discriminatory hiring practices has been dismissed.

On Monday, July 27, a Joint Stipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice was issued by the US District Court, Northern District of Georgia, in the lawsuit filed by Eddie Neal against the City of Toccoa.

According to City Attorney John Dickerson, Neal initially filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in October of 2018; however, in November 2018, the EEOC closed the claim, stating there was not enough evidence to support the complaint. Then in March of 2019, a lawsuit was filed in Superior Court; but moved to Federal Court because of the allegation of discrimination.

The case alleged the appointment of Jimmy Mize to Chief of Police was discriminatory and violated the Civil Rights Act.

According to the Joint Preliminary Report and Discovery Plan Document, Neal alleged that the City of Toccoa intentionally engaged in unlawful employment practice, when the City of Toccoa hired Mize as Chief of Police.

The document continues to state that “Mize had previously been acting as the Interim Chief of Police following the resignation of the prior chief at the beginning of the year. Mize is a Caucasian male and Plaintiff (Neal) is an African American male.”

The court document also states that Neal, Mize, and an “unnamed Caucasian male, applied for the Chief of Police position”; however, “City Manager Billy Morse determined that Mize was the most qualified candidate and appointed him Chief of Police.”

WNEG News reached out to Morse who confirmed that the lawsuit had been dismissed.