City of Toccoa will begin repaving City Streets today, starting with Rose Lane

The City of Toccoa will begin the process to resurface nine City Street today.

The resurfacing will be done in partnership with Stephens County utilizing their paving crew.

According to City Staff, if everything goes as planned, the project will be completed this paving season.

In a prepared statement, City Manager Billy Morse says, quote, “The first street to be resurface will be Rose Lane. It will require a two-step process to apply a chip seal layer this week, to be followed with a smooth driving surface in mid-July,” end quote.

Chip seal is necessary to add strength and longevity to the roadbed.

Chip seal is a temporary driving surface that can leave loose stones and a rough driving surface until the final smooth surface is applied.

Once Rose Lane is completed, then the County crew will move on to resurface the other City Streets which will include all or portions of the following streets:

Skyview Lane

Arlene Street

North Pine Street

Meadowbrook Drive

Hayes Street

Laurel Hill Court

Elberton Street

Morgan Street

All resurfacing work is expected to be completed in 2020.