Chief Mize: Update on Recent TPD Cases

WNEG News spoke recently with Toccoa Chief of Police Jimmy Mize, who provided an update and details on the city police department’s involvement in several recent crimes and investigations in Toccoa and Stephens County. 

First, Mize spoke of a fatal fentanyl overdose that occurred June 28 at 2:20 p.m. from the Toccoa Motel on South Pond Street. 

Next, he spoke about a verbal dispute and road rage incident that occurred Saturday morning, June 29, at approximately 11:15 a.m.

Mize advised that motorists should not ever chase down or follow another driver, but should instead call law enforcement.

Mize next detailed Toccoa Police Department’s involvement in a kidnapping and carjacking that took place reportedly tool place Monday evening, but was not reported until Tuesday morning.

As Toccoa Police officials were closing out their involvement in the kidnapping investigation and handing over the investigation to the Sheriff’s Office, Stephens County Dispatch  notified police officers of a report of an assault and burglary at the Toccoa Subway Sandwich Shop, which turned out to be a false report in an alleged attempt by an employee to disguise the employees theft of company funds.