Change batteries in smoke alarms, roll back clocks

Get ready for an extra hour of sleep this weekend as Daylight saving time officially comes to an end.

The clocks will roll back one hour this weekend at 2 a.m., Nov. 5.

The annual change comes in the middle of the night, but most people usually set their clocks back before heading to bed Saturday night.

Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens is urging Georgians to change the battery in their smoke alarm at the same time they change their clocks back to standard time this Sunday.

Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence reminded WNEG News to use this time as an opportunity to check the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Changing the battery at least once every year and cleaning dust from the device is a simple way to ensure continued protection of your family and your property.

Having a working smoke detector doubles the chances of survival in a house fire.

Florence added that by making sure your smoke detector is in working order just makes sense.

If you do not have a smoke detector installed in your home, or if you can’t afford one, the Toccoa Fire Department provides free smoke detectors for residence of Toccoa who are unable to purchase a detector.