Career Coach Coming to Toccoa-Stephens County Next Week

Job seekers in Stephens County might want to take advantage of another opportunity to get some help with their career search when the Mobile Job Training Unit visits Toccoa next week.

Sponsored by the Workforce Development arm of the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission, the Mobile Training Unit, also known as the Career Coach, will be at the Stephens County Library Monday, June 17th, from 10a to 2p.

Workforce Development Trainer Micah Thomas says the Career Coach offers a variety of aids to help you find your next job, including resume writing and career assessments.

“We help assist with resume writing, job searches, and online job applications,” said Instructor Micah Thomas. “Sometimes applying for jobs online can be confusing or sometimes people have an interview coming up and we assist them with that. We also have access to career assessments. It takes about five minutes to do it and it helps them decide which direction they might want to go.”

Thomas said many times job seekers realize they might need a new career path.  And often changing careers means getting new training or furthering one’s education.

Thomas says the Mobile Training Unit team  can help with that by showing the applicant where to get that training, as well as apply for financial aid.

“We offer tuition assistance,” he said. “So, if you meet the qualifications and you know you need to go and get more training or education, we assist you with funding to go to school.”

The services offered by the Career Coach are free and no appointment is necessary.

Again, the Mobile Training Unit for job seekers will be at the Stephens County Library Monday, June 17th, from 10a – 2p.

The Toccoa Public Library is located at 53 W. Savannah St.