Vogel Challenging Collins for House Seat

A Madison County resident is making a run this Fall against incumbent U.S. Representative Doug Collins for the Hall County Republican’s 9th District seat.

Dr. David Vogel has worked in public school education, along with teaching medical students and conducting medical research, and is now running as the Democratic candidate for the 9th U.S. House district representing northeast Georgia.

Vogel spoke with AM 630 WNEG News recently about his campaign.

He said he is running because he is concerned about the direction of the country in a number of ways, especially economically.

Vogel said he is concerned about the effect the “top one percent of the one percent” are having on the country.

“The very top have typical incomes of $100,000 per day,” said Vogel. “They are not spending that in a mall. They are re-investing that, buying up the wealth of the country. It is not difficult to do the calculation that if nothing intervenes, it is only a few decades before they own everything.”

Vogel said he feels that could pose a problem for the country and feels America must look back to its past to prevent it.

“Unfortunately, the only mechanism the government really has that will prevent all the wealth from going to the top is to go back to the kind of tax policies the United States had under Republicans in the 1950s and the 1960s,” said Vogel.

According to Vogel, he feels such a policy change could also help deal with other issues he identified like the national debt and the cost of education.

Meanwhile, Vogel said he is also concerned about government spending, but feels the issue is more about how spending is directed.

He said he does feel, however, there are areas where spending could be reduced.

“I do not think, frankly, we need to be spending as much on our military as the rest of the world put together and I am not sure that, in spite of my concern about education, the federal Department of Education is doing anything that much helps education,” said Vogel.

For more information on Vogel, visit his website at votevogel.org.