Toccoa-Stephens Co. Humane Shelter Director Receives Six Month Contract Extension

The Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter Board votes to extend the contract of Shelter Director Jeff Roberts for another six months.

Board members approved that by a unanimous vote at their meeting Monday.

Roberts’ original one-year contract was set to expire on August 1.

Shelter Board Chair Stanley London said the six-month extension gives the board further time to evaluate Roberts given budget constraints facing the shelter.

“The consensus was that in reality, he has not really had an opportunity to show a full year of being able to run under the constraints of a budget, so it is to be reviewed that in the next six months, everybody is content that he is able to run (the shelter) under the city and county’s contributions and fundraising donations,” said London.

Following the vote, Roberts told the board he was agreeable to the extension.

The shelter board hired Roberts last year and he began work on August 1, 2013.

Roberts came to the Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter from the Norfolk SPCA in Virginia, where he was the Chief Executive Officer.

He also has worked for other animal shelter and animal welfare organizations, including in the Atlanta area.