Toccoa Lions Receive Awards

June 5, 2013

Lions members receive special recognition for club

The Toccoa Lions Club is the only recipient of a special recognition at a recent state conference.

Last weekend, the Toccoa Lions Club received the District Governor’s certificate of special recognition for leading by example at the Georgia Lions State Convention in Augusta.

According to local club officials, the Toccoa Lions Club is the only club to receive it this year. Also, this year marks the second year in a row that the Toccoa Lions Club has been singled out with this award.

Toccoa Lions Club President Ray Cornell said that members provided a lot of community services this year, including buying glasses for 107 needy people in Stephens County.

Also, four Toccoa Lions received individual awards at last weekend’s state convention.

Golden Chain Winners (not pictured is Sheila Rousey)

Bryan Gordon, Bill Graham, Dale Graham, and Sheila Rousey all received Golden Chain Awards from Georgia Lions.

Gordon said the Golden Chain Award is like a good citizenship award that roughly only two percent of all Lions earn.

For Gordon and Bill Graham, it was their third Golden Chain Award. Meanwhile, it was the first each for Dale Graham and Rousey.

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