Toccoa Commissioners Leave City Millage Rate Unchanged

The city of Toccoa will keep its millage rate the same this year.

Monday, Toccoa City Commissioners voted unanimously to again set the millage rate at 6 mills for 2013.

This is the second straight year the millage rate has been an even 6 mills.

Toccoa Mayor David Austin said he is pleased the city was able to move forward without a millage rate increase this year.

“We had been over 7 mills for several years and the commission last year decided to help the citizens of Toccoa out by reducing the millage rate, so we took it down to 6.0,” said Austin.  “We determined when we were doing our budget this year that we would have enough revenue coming in to operate effectively and leave the millage rate at 6.0.”

The city did see a shrinking tax digest this year, just like Stephens County as a whole.

As a result, the city will levy less in total taxes this year than last year with the same millage rate.

Austin said that the city is able to make up for that difference in other ways.

“The city operates basically off of its gas fund and the water fund,” said Austin.  “That is where we make our money.  We are not as dependent on property taxes as the county commission and other entities.”

This year, the city of Toccoa will levy just over $1 million in total property taxes.

That is about $116,000, or approximately 10 percent, less than last year’s total.