NE Ga. Team Helping in Sandy Relief Efforts

Relief teams from northeast Georgia are among those helping the northeast in the aftermath of Sandy’s strike last week.

A disaster relief clean-up and recovery team from northeast Georgia went to south Jersey last week.

Tim Beck is the Unit Director for the Northeast Georgia Disaster Relief Clean-up and Recovery Unit and was on his way back to Georgia yesterday.

He said his team responded to southern New Jersey, in an area about 30 to 40 miles north of Atlantic City.

“Our primary responsibility was to go with a Georgia Disaster Relief feeding unit to provide clean-up for them in the event that where they were deploying would have debris, where we would have to go in and clean it up for them and assist them in getting set up and getting ready to cook food and provide food for the American Red Cross,” said Beck.

Beck went on to say that the area his team was in suffered significant damage from the storm.

“Lots and lots of flooding, probably similar to that of Katrina in the New Orleans area,” said Beck. “Where we were was on the beachfront and some of the inter-coastal areas were completely wiped out. The houses were bowed over and taken off their foundation and demolished. In the coastal area, there was anywhere from 1 to 5 feet of water,” said Beck.

According to Beck, while he was headed south yesterday, another team is on site and more teams are ready to rotate in and out of the area every few days.

The Northeast Georgia Disaster Relief Clean-up and Recovery Unit is part of the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Ministry.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Baptist Convention website does have a link for accepting cash donations to help in storm relief efforts.

That website is Once there, select “Ministries,” then go to “Disaster Relief,” select “Georgia Hurricane Sandy Response,” and follow the on-site links and instructions for donations.