Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014

Missing: Since December 5, a beautiful male cat named Bentley; last seen at on Ridgeland Road in Eastanollee; he is 1.5 years old, white with striped tail and a tabby saddle pattern; he is very affectionate and is much loved and missed; if you have seen him, please call 706-716-9140. 12/10/14

Lost: White dog with brindle patches around eyes and on back; tail is docked and has on wide black collar; missing from the Red Rock, Oak Valley, Rock Creek Roads area or old Hwy 123. Please call (706) 716-1975. 12/09/14

Lost: Sweet black and white cat named Smokey; missing in Toccoa near the post office or across the street; miss him desperately, please call with information 706-716-0845. 12/09/14

Found: Beautiful grey cat with a white ruff and feet; pretty face, fluffy, neutered male; very friendly but thin, crate trained; found in the Pebble Creek area, off Rothell Road; please call to identify. Please call 706-599-3533. 12/05/14

Lost: Hound dog near Stephens County-Habersham County line; tan and black in color. Please call (706) 947-3327. 12/05/14

Lost: Black goat with white ears in the Scott Circle area off Hwy 106. Please call (706) 491-8945. 12/05/14

Found: A white, long-haired Chihuahua mix at the back of Toccoa Post Office on Wednesday, November 26th
706-491-6334 (Thursday) or 706-886-4058 (Friday) (11/27/14)

Lost: A black and white spotted male Blue Heeler from Racetrack Road, between Highway 106 and West Silver Shoals Road, missing since Nov. 8th, answers to “Odie,” reward offered
706-244-9447 or 706-599-0275 (11/27/14)

Happy Reunion: The white “Westie” Terrier is back home safe and sound. 11/010/14

Lost: Dog, white “Westie” Terrier, has a green multi-color collar, went missing on Sunday, November 2nd in the Ivy Hills are off Dick’s Hill, Reward offered for safe return. Please call 706-716-0468. 11/07/14

Lost: Black dog; jumped out of truck in the Rock Creek and Red Rock Roads area on Thursday (November 6). Please call (706) 244-1000. 11/07/14

Missing: Male Chocolate Lab; he may have a medical condition. Please call 706-491-2874. 11/06/14

Lost: Dog, Bichon, small dog around 6 to 7 pounds, with lots of curly white hair, with collar and tags, has been chipped, lost in the Rock Creek Rd. on the end of Harbert Valley. Please call 706-886-0431 or 706-244-0304. 10/30/14

Found: Bluetick hound, in the Hollywood area. Please call 706-499-1374.

Lost: Male cat, dark brown striped, wearing a red collar with a little bell on it; answers to the name Regis; lives in the Green Valley, Oak cliff Drive, Scenic Drive, Falls Road area. Please call 706-886-9467.

Happy Reunion: The Cocker Spaniel is back home safe and sound. 10/10/14

Missing: Brown, male Cocker Spaniel mix dog from Carnes Creek community. Please call 706-491-4279. 10/10/14

Lost: Toy poodle named Marty; at least 12 years old, missing from S. Alexander and Diagonal Street area; call Miss Shirley. Please call (706) 297-7739 or (706) 491-0316. 9/25/14

Missing: A tan Chihuahua; last seen at McDonald’s in Lavonia; missing about 1 week. Please call 706-779-2169. 9/24/14

Found: Small dog in intersection of Currahee and Franklin Streets; call to identify (706) 599-0571. 9/24/14

Found: Black Lab Pup on Collier Rd. near Skyline Drive, about to get run over in the middle of the street. Please call 706-491-0092. 9/04/14

Found: A set of keys on Hwy 145; car keys and others; come by WNEG Studios to identify and claim 706-886-2191. 9/04/14

Found: Male dog at the Hicks Road Convenience Site; brownish bronze with red collar; he wants you to come pick him up

No Number

Found: A dog showed up at house this week at the corner of Prather Bridge and Riverdale Road in Toccoa, has a red collar, and really light eyes, very friendly. Please call 706-491-3176. 8/12/14

Dog August 12, 2014

Missing: Female, Great Pyrenees dog about 2 years old; large and solid white; missing from Martin/Eastanollee area. Please call (706) 244-5269. 07/15/14

Found: A small brown dog; has a red collar and no tags; found off of Brookhaven/Rock Creek Road; looking after him until he gets to go home. Please call 706-244-8056. 07/15/14

Missing: One-year old Beagle named Champ; brown, white, and black; went missing from the Eastanollee By-Pass area since June 26; please call if you have seen him, reward offered for his safe return please call 706-491-1342. 07/15/14

Found: Small brown dog has adopted our house, it has a red collar and no tags, we live off of Brookhaven/Rock Creek Road. If you think this is your dog, please call 706-244-8056. 0/15/14

Missing: 1 year old Beagle named Champ, brown, white and black, went missing from the Eastanollee by pass area on July 26th. Reward offered for his safe return. Please call 706-491-1342. 07/15/14

Lost: All black mixed breed male dog, name is Cole, he is long with short legs and very thick black fur, his tail is long and very full, reward of $50 for his safe return, went missing Tuesday, July 8th near the Railroad Depot, he was last seen by the Moss Stovall Neal Funeral Home. Please call 706-886-0238. 07/15/14

Missing: German Shepard, he went missing during bad storm Thursday, July 10, he is 13 years old, black and tan, his name is Blade, but he can’t hear very well, reward offered. Please call 706-716-5305 or 706-716-5304.07/13/14

Found: Min-Pin on Mize Road Sunday, near Pond St., call to identify 706-599-7616. 7/8/14

Found: Female dog that looks like it could be an Australian Cattle dog; found in the Hwy 145 and 17 By-Pass area; call and describe to claim; leave message if no answer. Please call 706-244-1524. 7/8/14

Found: Small Chihuahua, tan with black on his back, wearing a collar, he is around 4 pounds and looks to be young. Please call 706-599-2313. 07/01/14

Found: Dog. Please call 706-886-2872. 07/01/14

July 1, 2014JPG

Found: Goat on Hicks Rd. Please call 706-244-5095 call Suzanna to identify. 07/01/14
































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