Monday, November 23, 2015

Found: A 4 to 6-month Boxer cross puppy in the Hwy 106 area. Please call 706-599-7950. 11/23/15

Missing: Female Pit Bull named Macie; brown in color with white on her chest; she is missing her collar but her shots are current; went missing Friday, November 20 from the Hwy 123/Ward Creek Road/Red Rock Road area. Please call 706-491-0088. 11/23/15

Macie 112315

Lost: Golden Retriever dog named Rufus in Hilltop Lane/Poplar Street area; had on blue collar; has 2 bad spots below his ears. Please call 706-599-1193 or 706-599-7667.11/23/15

Lost: Female Australian Shepherd dog named “Sadie”; missing since last week from Black Mt. Road area. Please call (706) 886-2815 or (706) 297-8306. 10/19/15

Lost: Black dark brown Pitbull with a white chest and white on her nose, name is “Tori” very sweet dog, last seen with a grey harness on, last seen on Doyle St. in Toccoa. Please call 706-599-3462. 11/17/15

Black dog November 16, 2015


Found: A large dog at Valley Farm on Toccoa Falls College campus with no tags on the collar; if you have lost a dog, and can describe it, please call 571-246-2393. 11/13/15

Lost: Great Pyrenees dog near the Cougar Run subdivision off Highway 106; he is a large, white and very friendly dog; he is wearing a collar and answers to the name of Beau; if you see him, please call 706-886-8530. 11/06/15

Lost: Brown & white male Walker hound in Hughes Trailer Park area of Oak Valley Road; has collar and ID. Please call (706) 599-8503. 11/06/15

Lost: Yellow Lab mixed 3 year old dog, last seen Buena Vista Drive/Hwy 145 area, wearing a red collar and black petsafe collar. Reward offered. Please call 706-491-7495 or 706-491-7496. 10/09/15

Missing: Female, Blue Pitbull Terrier named “Ruthie”; very sweet dog; she is spayed and needs to come home; missing from the Davis Road and Hwy 17 area in Eastanollee. Please call 706-599-4228 or 706-297-8169. 10/05/15

Missing: Pomeranian named Tazz; last seen at 886 East Leatherwood Road; please help him get home. Please call 706-391-0850. 10/05/15

“Joe” and “Casper” are home safe and sound. 10/02/15

Missing: 2 dogs from Suttles Road/Jenkins Ferry area, “Joe” medium size brown dog being treated for mange; “Casper” large white dog both have on collars and are vaccinated. Please call 706-244-0432. 09/29/15

Lost: West Highland white Terrier, male with no collar on off Rieverdale Road and Crescent Drive off Lake Louise Road. His name is Hudson. He is a inside dog. Please call 706-886-7878 or 726-491-8716. 09/25/15

September 25, 2015


Missing: White cat from a little past Abbey Lane, 2755 Oak Valley Road; she has been spayed and is up to date on vaccinations, but does not have a collar on. Please call 706-297-7140 or 706-491-1798; leave message if no answer. 09/16/15

Lost: Full blooded pit bull puppy, brown with white tip on tail and white feet, missing since Friday evening from area of S. Red Rock and Oak Valley Road intersection. Please call 706-282-9873. 09/08/15

Missing: Large female Bloodhound, answers to Ann, missing from Hicks Road and New Hope Road area. Please call 706-244-2329. 09/02/15

Lost:  Boxer-terrier female dog named “Trig”, black & white
Lost:  Black & White male dog named “Leo”—both lost in Prather Bridge Rd area. Please call 706-297-7834. 08/26/15

Missing: Since August 13, a Black Lab puppy from the Shady Lane area; very likely someone may have picked him up since he pulled his collar off a day or two before he went missing; he’s completely black and weighs approximately 45 pounds. Please call 706-599-0979.

Black Lab August 17, 2015

Found: Very sweet male Siberian Husky mix, approximate age is between 9-12 months and weight is 32 pounds, first seen wandering on E. Silver Shoals Road near Spring Branch on July 25th. Taken in on July 31st after being seen wandering daily in the same area, call to describe the dog’s color/marking, whether he’s neutered and what type of collar he is wearing. Please call 706-779-3922. 08/04/15

Found: Very loving well taken care of small dog, has been neutered, tan color, found on Davis Ave. off Hwy 17 call to identify by telling what kind of collar he was wearing. Please call 706-244-5668. 07/21/15

Brown puppy July 21, 2015

Missing: Older dark brown male cat, has been fixed, wearing a light green flea collar, mostly an outside cat, last seen Wednesday night when he was let out after the storm, missing for Rothell Road, Sycamore Circle, Cedar Lane area. Please call 706-297-7013. 07/17/15

Lost: Black Chihuahua with white paws and white on chest; answers to “Pepper”; has on a camo collar with a rabies tag; missing from Hwy 123 and Pine View Road area. Please call (706) 491-0177 or (706) 244-3202. 07/17/15

Found: AVC instrument corner of Rothell and Skyline Drive call Dekle Appliance to claim 706-886-9174. 07/17/15

Found: 4 kittens and mother on front porch a few days ago; all are grey color, if they are yours, please come get them in the New Hope Road area. Please call 706-491-0612 07/14/15

Lost: 1 Siamese male cat about a year old; his name is Griffin. Pease call 706-491-0612. 07/14/15

Lost: Cat, he is a big neutered male Ragdoll cat, he is in need of medication, and is on a special diet, his coat color; seal point bicolor/tan and white with dark ears and mask, big blue eyes with a pink nose, he answers to “Cubby Boy” he is friendly but does not want to be held captive, there is a reward for Cubby’s safe return please call 706-363-6012. 07/09/15

Lost: Cell phone lost on Fernside Drive; phone has been disabled but there are very important baby pictures on the phone; if found you may return to 592 Fernside Drive or call, no questions asked please call 706-886-7070. 07/08/15

Lost: Cat, 5 year old “Cubby” went missing from Fernside Drive in Toccoa, Monday, June 22, Cubby is a large fluffy neutered male tan and white with distinctly vivid blue eyes, he weighs 17 pounds and is the size of a Cocker Spaniel, robust, strong but generally friendly, he is wearing a slate blue collar, there is a Reward offered for safe return. If seen please call or contact Currahee Vet Clinic and Toccoa Animal Shelter. Please call 706-363-6012. 06/23/15

Lost: Yorkshire Terrier dog (Yorkie); brown head, black and gray body, blue collar with rabies tag; missing in Wal-Mart and Memorial Drive area. Please call (706) 297-1110. 06/17/15

Lost: Bloodhound/St. Bernard mix, 70 to 80 pounds, black and brown with white markings on chest, answers to Scotty, in Tugalo Street and airport area. Please call 706-768-5823 or 706-599-1701. 06/10/15

June 10, 2015

Found: Blue Heeler looking dog; he has a camo colored collar, but no tag; looks to be a mix with a little Doberman or Rottweiler and maybe Blue Heeler and/or a Retriever; he’s young, friendly and frisky; found on Silver Shoals near the Field Dale Plants on Hwy 145. Please call 706-244-0282. 06/10/15

Found: A small, very sweet dog on Hwy 145 in the Eastanollee area; call to identify (706) 255-8502. 06/04/15

Missing: Teacup Yorkie, her name is Lola, missing in Eastanollee area, she’s been shaved so she has short hair, brown/gray in color. Please call 706-491-7002. 06/04/15

Lost: Dog, “Happy” a 6 year old female tan, medium, shorthaired dog went missing on Thursday, May 14th from Scott Road, friendly. Please call 706-779-3446 or 706-779-3450. 05/20/15

Lost: Dog Choclate lab with green collar, lost in Carnes Creek area, name and number on collar. Please call 706-244-1096 or 706-491-0808. 05/20/15

Lost Dog: Lost in the 7 Forks-Tahoe Trail area off Hwy 328 in Martin; he is an extra-large dog; Pyrenees mix with a black mask on face; has black on front shoulder and is gray and white on back; had on a black collar with rabies tag when last seen; this dog is very gentle and friendly and answers to the name “Blue”; he also has an injured rear leg. Please call 706-779-5927. 04/29/15

Happy Reunion: This puppy is back home safe and sound.

Missing: From Ward Circle since April 23, a white Boxer female puppy about three months old; has a brown spot on her head; this is son’s puppy; he was at the ER when she was picked up or got lost; please help find her. Please call 706-391-3423.

Missing: A black & white mixed breed dog named Ollie; last seen April 9, missing from the Pine View Road area; small to medium size and 9-10 years old; no collar; neutered, male has graying around muzzle, cash reward offered. Please call (917) 613-0931 or (706) 391-3813 706-886-3803. 04/2015

Ollie April 10, 2015Second picture of Ollie April 10, 2015

Missing: Dog, black and brown markings, about 100 pounds, name is “Hobo” missing from McMurray Lake Road, was wearing brown collar, reward offered. Please call 706-244-3306 or 706-297-8967. 04/09/15

Lost: Dog, name is Georgia, she’s a 15 month old German Shepherd, she has a microchip and a collar with her name tag, Georgia was with her family Monday on I-85 headed to Lake Hartwell from Atlanta when their car was hit by a drunk driver. She is black/tan/brown, she was last seen on Neal Lane Bridge over I-85 near mile marker 155. Please call 706-202-5297 or 256-464-8513. 03/27/15

German Sherpard March 27, 2015German Shepard March 27, 2015 second picture

Lost: Otis, an 80-pound Boxer/Lab mix; missing in Big A Road area near Quincy’s; had collar on when last seen. Please call (706) 886-3580. 03/24/15

Found: A young male Border Collie/mix was found on March 16, 2015 on Prather Bridge Road around 6:30 pm, very sweet and friendly, seems to be someone’s pet. Please call 706-244-1871. 03/17/15

Black and White Dog March 15, 2015

Lost: Male Chihuahua named “Hammer”; white with brown down back, missing from Hickory Hollow at Turner Road area; dog has noticeable cough from respiratory condition. Please call (706) 716-3141. 03/16/15

Hammer March 17, 2015

Found: Small white, black and brown male terrier mix dog in Avalon at Avalon Road and Hwy 17; has collar but no tags. Please call (706) 949-3239. 03/16/15

Found: 2 small dogs, one black with white chest and the other with Jack Russell color pattern; found in the White Circle area of Toccoa. Please call (706) 809-3685. 3/12/15

Found: 2 small dogs were found 3/09 on White Valley Drive in Toccoa, about one mile down Rock Creek Road area; one is mostly black with a white chest and the other has Jack Russell type coloring; they are about the same size and might be litter mates; please call if these are your dogs . Please call 706-491-6969. 3/11/15

Beagle March 12, 2015Black dog March 12, 2015

Missing: A white Pit Bull puppy about 3-4 months old; picked up on W. Currahee Street 3/4 about 4pm; $100 Reward. Please call (706) 963-9101. 03/05/15

Missing Female dog:  $4000 REWARD for Recovery.  Mostly white with light brown left eye patch and light brown markings on ears.  She’s been missing since May 2014.  She is 9 years old and small for an English Setter (under 40 lbs).  Last seen in Stephens County, GA and has a registered microchip.
706 491 5895. 02/16/15


English Setter1 2-16-15English Setter2 2-16-15