Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

Missing: Cat from Bruce Creek area; 1-year old, white male; a reward is offered. Please call 706-244-4120. 04/16/14

Missing: Cat, male tan Siamese with black face, wearing collar, but lost tag, went missing from Tugalo Street residence, between Calvary Baptist Church and Toccoa Airport. Please call 706-886-7560. 04/14/14

Missing: Dachshund dog from Martin area; she is black and tan and answers to Lola; she was wearing a pink collar. Please call 706-244-7345. 04/14/14

Lost: Large Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix, lost from Rumsey Road in Eastanollee, he is gray merle colored and is very sweet dog that is shy around people, he is wearing a large dark collar, with no tag. Please call 864-647-1338. 04/08/14

Found: Young “Beagle mix” dog; wandered up to the parking lot at Eaton Corporation Clary Connector in Eastanollee on Saturday, March 22; she was still there on Sunday; food and water were provided but she would not come close enough to catch. Please call 706-491-7450. 03/24/14

Found: Small dog was found Wednesday, March 19th around 2:00 pm, walked up on the playground at Big A Elementary School, no collar, very sweet. Please call 706-886-2987. 03/21/14

Missing: Male Boxer, tan with white marking black mask, last seen on Akins Bridge Rd. in Eastanollee. Please call 706-244-2876 or 706-599-7894. 03/21/14

Missing: Male Boxer on Akins Bridge Road in Eastanollee, he is tan with white marking, black mask. Please call 706-244-2876 or 706-599-7897. 03/14/14

Missing: Small, male, black & brown terrier mix named, “Jackson”; went missing late afternoon on Friday, March 7, 2014 near the intersection of Hwy 145 & West Silver Shoals Road in Eastanollee; please call if you have any information call 706-491-7058 or 706-491-8704. 03/10/14

Missing: Looking for injured male Boxer, in the Akins Bridge Rd. area, was hit 3/4/14. He is tan with white marking and black mask, if you have seen him please call 706-244-2876 or 706-779-2853. 03/04/14

Lost: A gift bag Monday at the local car wash; it has a blue baby blanket and other personal items; if anyone has seen it please call 706-599-1369. 02/28/14

Lost: Brown German Pickiness (Pekingese?) small dog missing from the Prather Bridge, Lake Louise area; reward offered . Please call 706-491-6704. 02/28/14

Lost: Cat in the vicinity of Whispering Pines and 17, the old covered wagon trailer park area, he is a large, dark grey cat. His name is Blue, he’s very skittish and shy, and he’s most likely hungry and scared, he’s also front de-clawed and defenseless! He means a lot to our family, as he’s been with us since he’s a kitten, 10 years. A Reward of $200 for the safe return. Please call 706-391-3212. 2/27/17

Found: Part black Lab in the Memorial Drive area; no collar, dog is very friendly. Please call 706-491-7892. 2/27/14

Lost: A camo bag with horse grooming tools in bag; lost between Currahee Saddle Club on Hwy 17 and a couple of miles down Hwy 145; a sad little girl is waiting to hear from anyone who might have found it. Please call 706-244-5302. 02/25/14

Found: Dog found on Andrews Road. Male Black Lab. Very friendly and needs his home back!! Please call 706-491-3592. 02/24/14

Lost: 8-year old Pomeranian from the Eastanollee By-Pass area. Please call (706) 491-4760 or (706) 391-6953. 02/24/14

Missing: Adorable Boxer name Cooper, last seen in Lavonia in Brittany Harbor area, male, neutered, not wearing a collar. Reward if found. Please call 706-491-6047 or 706-491-9830. 2/10/14

Boxer February 10, 2014

Missing: Dearly loved 3-year old cat, missing since Saturday afternoon Feb. 1 named Mrs. Murrey; black and gold short haired spayed female with a swirl pattern on each side; Piercing green eye, should have a red collar on with a flower shaped rabies tag from Currahee Veterinary Clinic; lost in the White Circle/White Valley Drive/Rock Creek Road area; please call any time of day or night if you have found this cat; reward offered. Please call 706-886-0691 Home or 706-491-6969 Cell. 02/04/14

Mrs. Murrey

Missing: 4-month old Boston Terrier puppy wearing a red collar; last seen on Damascus Road; please contact Alisha with any information, 2-year old son misses him so much. Please call 706-599-1017. 1/31/14

Boston Terroir January 31, 2014

Missing: Adult female black cat with small trace of white under chin, no collar; last seen Wednesday 3pm on Hilltop Way and Dogwood Lane; may have taken a ride in back of truck to Raceway gas station on Big A Road; nervous cat and does not like loud noises; she answers to the name MaeMae, does not know meaning of “Here kitty, kitty”; reward offered .Call anytime 706-886-4817 or 706-599-4233. 01/30/14

MaeMae January 31, 2014

Happy Reunion: Rolly is back home safe and sound. 01/14/14

Found: Red Doberman with red collar; a young male that took up at 22 Pineview Road. Please call (706) 716-0689. 01/09/14

Found: A young female dog in Carnesville; she is well groomed and taken care of. Please call 706-384-474. 01/08/14



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