Friday, September 23, 2016

Lost: Male goat around 4 ½ months old, down near River Dale Road in Toccoa, he is spotted black and white, looks like a cow. Please call 706-886-4017.

Found: Goat, call with description. Please call 706-886-7712. 09/16/16

Lost Dog: Black and brown Chihuahua with big ears missing from South Pond Street in Toccoa. Please call (706) 716-9981. 09/14/16

Found: A dog in the Currahee Mountain area on Hwy 184 about a mile up from the Toccoa Post of the GSP; black with white spots, could be a Collie/Lab mix. Please call (770) 354-8062. 09/14/16

Missing: 9 month old black female lab mix, “Bella” she was last seen on Hulsey Road off Clarkes Creek Road in Martin, she was wearing a red and white collar, has 1 white toe, if you have any information regarding her location please call there is a $50 reward offered. Please call 706-491-1382 or 706-356-1344. 08/15/16

Lost: Older, beige Shih-Tzu missing from Carnes Creek Road area; missing since July 17, has collar with name Taz. Please call (706) 282-0460. 08/15/16

Found: Brown and white dog with leather collar; found near ATV trail off Hwy 365. Please call (706) 716-0814. 08/15/16

Found: Small dog, young but seems to have adult teeth, standing in the middle of Skyline Drive, her fur is very wiry and she definitely has terrier in her, found Thursday, August 4, 2016. Please call 706-244-1657. 08/04/16

August 4, 2016

Lost Dog: Missing from Clarke’s Creek Road area in Martin; “Bella” an 8-month old female black Lab mix dog. Please call (706) 297-9258. 07/25/16

Found: Young male Coon dog, black and tan, playful, sweet and friendly, found near Alt. 17 and Black Mountain Road in Toccoa on July 11, 2016. Please call 706-244-3227 or 706-244-3118. 07/21/16

Missing Dog: Missing from the Chateau Village area; she is light tan with medium long hair; her name is Mocha, she has on a black collar and rabies tag. Please call 706-779-2261. 07/21/16

Missing: Small white dog, Shih Tzu/Cocker spaniel mix, about 3 years old, his name is Rascal, went missing Sunday, July 17 around Lake Louise/GA Baptist Assembly, Reward offered. Please call 706-599-3840 or 706-599-1019 or 706-201-9355. 07/

Missing Dog: Bulldog jumped off back of truck on Gumlog Road on Friday (Jul 15); had to /travel a little ways to turn around because of pulling a horse trailer; returned to site where she jumped about three minutes later and she was gone; may have been picked up by car that was behind trailer; dog is a white female with red markings around her eyes; she has on a light blue collar. Please call 706-969-0927 or 706-200-2944. 07/19/16

Missing Dog: Reward offered for return of small white dog that went missing Sunday (July 17) around the Lake Louise/GA Baptist Assembly area; he is a Cocker Spaniel/Shih Tzu mix about 3 years old; his name is Rascal. Please call or Text if found 706-599-1019 or 706-201-9355. 07/19/16

Found: Black and white female dog, on Canon Road on Homer Hwy. Please call 706-599-4945. 07/15/16

Lost Dog: Chihuahua; black or dark brown and white; 7-8 years old; missing from Prather Bridge Road area. Please call (706) 886-8140. 07/15/16

Missing Dog: Lost or stolen, a 6-month old Dachshund from the Hwy 328 area in Martin; reward for information offered. Please call (706) 244-5269. 07/15/16

Lost Dog: 25 to 30-pound, solid reddish-brown, neutered male, 6-7 year-old Miniature Pinscher; never came home to 647 Hilltop Way on June 29th; last seen the same day in the Collier Road area; he goes by the name Dirt or Tank; he is a well loved and cared for dog; if found please call or release him on Hilltop Way so he can come home; he needs special care. Please call 706-886-1928 or 762-436-1316. 07/12/16

Found: Dog, tan male dog with white and black markings, around 6 months old, very friendly, long legs and big feet, found at Walker boat access on Yonah Dam Road on July 4th, had been there for a few days, has a red collar but no tags. Please call 706-886-3131.

July 12, 2016

Lost: Cat, “Gracie” ran away when a stray dog was brought home, been missing since July 5th, she is gray, 4 years old, missing from Hwy 184 near Currahee Mt. Happy Reunion! Gracie is back home!

Cat July 12, 2016

Found: Small black and tan female dog found at a home on Dick’s Hill, Hwy 123 in Stephens County; acts like she is an inside pet. Please call 706-886-3395

July 6, 2016

Lost Puppy: Approximately 10 months old; female brindle dog named Daisy; missing since June 26 at approximately 6am from the North Red Rock Road area in Toccoa; was wearing a blue collar with no tags yet; new puppy, just rescued her June 25 and she dug out of pen; sweet but very scared. Please call 706-716-0842 or 706-491-5745. 06/27/16

June 27, 2016

Found: Beagle puppy with orange collar, found on Dooley Dr. off Nub Garland Rd. Please call (706) 491-7912. 06/20/16

Happy Reuion:  ” Dutch” is back home safe and sound. 06/17/16

Missing: Male German Shepard/Canine mix, named Dutch, he is wearing a camo collar with tags, went missing from the Pine Valley/Health Dept. area. Please call 706-886-1396 or 706-491-7212. 06/01/16

June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 Second picture

Missing: Gen, a 3 ½ pound 14 year old Chihuahua from Black Mountain Road. Please call 706-244-7969. 06/13/16

Gen June 13, 2016

Lost Cat: 1-year old Calico with black nose named “Coco”; missing from West Currahee Street. Please call (706) 716-0120. 06/09/16

Lost: Beagle missing from Oak Valley Road, has been spotted in Walmart area, she has a collar and tags. Please call 706-491-1577. 06/09/16

Lost Cat: 1-year old Calico with black nose named “Coco”; missing from West Currahee Street. Please call (706) 716-0120. 06/08/16

Missing: Two lost Beagles dogs, 3 years old with tags on collar, lost on Oak Valley Road. Please all 706-491-1577. 06/01/16

Found: Dog, black and tan with a blue collar, found in the Hidden Valley Road in Eastanollee. Please call 706-244-6107. 05/13/16

Missing Dog: “Georgia” the 6-1/2 month old Miniature Schnauzer/Jack Russell Terrier mix puppy went missing Monday (May 2); she is tan, brown and blonde and was last seen on Herron Road in Martin in the Tom’s Creek Community; the road is between Ridge Road and Crump Bridge Road; please call with any information 706-491-5293. 05/04/16

Missing Cat: Neutered male Siamese cat missing from Deal Road off Ridgemore Drive. Please call (706) 779-5345. 04/26/16

Lost: A brown Miniature Dachshund; missing from Hickory Circle, ran off in direction of Pond Street. Please call (706) 870-7372. 04/25/16

Missing: A red cow and a black calf; missing from Avalon Road in Martin since Thursday (April 14) Please call (706) 599-2191. 04/19/16

Missing Dog: Female puppy named Orchid; she is a 2-month old Great Pyrenees; white with black star like pattern over one eye; missing from Tom’s Creek Church Road. Please call 706-297-1836. 04/18/16

Missing Dog: Missing from Hickory Circle/Pond Street area; small tan dog about 15 lbs.; his name is Hawk, he is very sweet but timid around strangers so will probably not come to you but should respond to his name one ear stands up and has red collar on  he is very loved and missed. Please call 706-870-7372. 04/05/16.
Lost:  Dog, white with brown and black spots, young female. weighs approximately 20lbs., wearing a collar, lost in the Lake Louise area, reward offered. Please call 706-886-7160 or 706-244-6191 . 03/29/16

Lost: Dog last seen in the Tugalo/Doyle Street neighborhood on Sunday, March 6, 2016, Shepherd mix, black-tan-white with blue eyes, has chain collar and rabies tag, his name is Brady. Please call 706-244-1058. 03/08/16

Found: Male dog; appears to be a Boxer or Pit mix, dark gray colored; ears and tail are not docked, is wearing a brown leather collar and has been wandering the neighborhood for several days in the Hill Street area; prefer to find its home than to call Animal Control. Please call 706-391-122. 03/08/16

Lost Dog: Artemis a Rednose Pitbull/Red Doberman mix; tail is docked, but ears are not; chocolate and tan colored with white patches on chest and toes; up to date on shots, spayed, and microchipped; last seen near Hwy198/Culpepper Road in Carnesville. Please call A.J. 706-498-4159 or Petsense in Commerce 706-423-9399. 03/07/16

Lost: Cat missing in Collins Road area; male, about a year old, black & white with black spot on nose; was wear blue collar with bell when last seen. Please call (706) 218-9968. 03/02/16