Kickball Tourney Fundraising Totals Coming In

Some of the totals are in from this year’s second annual Stephens County High School Interact Club Kickball Tournament.

kickballThe tournament took place last weekend at the Stephens County Recreation Department.

Club Advisor Derek Demmler said that the club has raised just over $1,400 from the tournament.

Money raised will go towards the Toccoa-Stephens County Boys and Girls Club, the Stephens County Recreation Department, and an international organization that promotes clean drinking water.

Meanwhile, Demmler said the club is still waiting to see how much was raised through the Chevy Drive for Perfection Program to determine how large the donation to Shelterbox will be.

The winning kickball team was made up mostly of players from the Stephens County High School baseball team.

The runner-up team was from North Georgia Technical College.

Demmler said the club appreciates everyone who participated in this year’s tournament, along with all of those who contributed and helped make the event happen.