Indians Getting Ready For Football Season; Schedule Change For 9/12 Game

Practice is gearing up for football season at Stephens County High School.

Head Football Coach Frank Barden said the team started practices last Friday.

“We have to get five days in shorts, so we will go Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week in shorts and then Friday, August 1, we will start at camp here,” said Barden. “We will spend Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday here at the school, full pads, alternating as the state allows. I am looking forward to that. It is part of becoming a good footbal team. The kids are responding well, working hard, and just building that team chemistry.”

Barden went on to say beginning practice for the season has just been a continuation of the work already done by the team since he got here earlier this year.

“We just wanted to pick up where we left off in the Spring,” said Barden. “There are some key stages during the process of trying to get our team ready. Obviously, when we first got here, finishing up in the weight room with our winter workouts. Then spring practice, the 10 days in pads was good for us. Our kids have done a good job of working this summer in June and July in weight room and with the running and conditioning. That is a big thing for us, our running.”

The Indian football team will have its scrimmage game on August 15th at Habersham Central.

Then, the regular season starts on August 29th.

Barden did say there has been one change made to the regular season schedule.

He said the Indians will now host Blue Ridge, South Carolina on September 12th instead of traveling to Blue Ridge.

Barden said Blue Ridge made that request.

“For us, it was not a big deal,” said Barden, explaining that with Habersham home for the scrimmage next year, it will provide a fifth game at home for Stephens County.

The change means the Indians will now have six home games in the regular season this year and four road games.