Hearing for Wilbros EPD Order Appeal Could Be In May

April 10, 2014

Reports indicate a hearing on the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s administrative order to shut down the Wilbros facility in Stephens County could happen next month.

The hearing for a judge to hear Wilbros’ appeal of that order is reportedly scheduled for the week of May 12th, but no exact date has been set yet.

A judge in the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings will hear the appeal.

The Georgia EPD issued its administrative order in January, stating that Wilbros had violated the state’s Solid Waste Management and Water Quality Acts multiple times.

It called on Wilbros to stop receiving waste and begin closure proceedings.

Wilbros appealed the administrative order, calling the EPD’s order unlawful and disputing the agency’s allegations of permit violations.

Enforcement of the order is put on hold until the appeal is ruled on.

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