Franklin Co. Reports First Rabies Case of Year

April 11, 2014

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County’s Environmental Health Director has confirmed that county’s first rabies case of the year.

Now, Louis Korff is warning people to stay away from wild animals, especially if they look sick or injured.

On Wednesday morning, Korff said he was contacted by a woman who had just left the health department.

She told Korff she had spotted a raccoon on the side of Hubbard Road near Highway 145 that looked sick.

Korff said he told the woman to remain in her vehicle.

When he arrived, he said found the raccoon, which was obviously infected and in the final stages of rabies.

Korff said a Sheriff’s deputy was called out to shoot the raccoon but was almost attacked himself.

As the warm weather arrives, Korff said we can expect to see more cases of rabid wild animals.

He is warning citizens, especially children and parents, not to be tempted to try and help a wild fox, skunk or raccoon they may see during the day that looks injured.

Korff said last year three people in Franklin County had to undergo the series of post exposure shots after being bitten by rabid or potentially rabid animals.

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