Camp Toccoa Hosting Military Change of Command Ceremony Sunday

January 10, 2014

The Camp Toccoa property will host a special ceremony this weekend.

A formal military change of command ceremony will take place at the Camp Toccoa site on CurraheeMountain Sunday at 11 a.m.

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Iacovelli is the outgoing commander.

He said he will turn his unit over to his replacement at the ceremony Sunday.

“I will be relinquishing command of the battalion to my successor,” said Iacovelli.

Iacovelli said that ever since he has seen the Band of Brothers miniseries in early 2000, he has always enjoyed visiting Toccoa and the Currahee Military Museum.

He said he enjoys the museum so much he inquired about having the change of command ceremony there and that is when Stephens County Historical Society Executive Director Brenda Carlan suggested having the event on the actual CampToccoa property.

Iacovelli said he thought that was an excellent idea.

“It will be a chance for me to thank the members of the battalion by getting them out of the reserve center and to a place where they can be a part of history and see the history that has taken place before them,” said Iacovelli.

Sunday’s change of command ceremony is open to the public.

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