Bell Wants Committee Formed to Look at Future

Stephens County Commissioner Dennis Bell wants the Board of Commissioners to consider forming a committee to help look at the county’s future.

Bell made the suggestion at Tuesday’s Stephens County Commission meeting.

He said he wants to get as much input as possible on ways to make the county better.

“It feels like Stephens County has been spinning its wheels,” said Bell. “I would recommend we get a nine-person steering committee just to see where this county can go.”

He recommended appointing business leaders and others who care about the future of the county.

Multiple commissioners said that may be something already being done by the “Toccoa-Stephens County Tomorrow” group and asked how it would be different from that group’s effort.

“Toccoa-Stephens County Tomorrow” is a private effort that is looking at a number of issues in the community and trying to find ways to move forward on those issues in an effort to move the community forward.

County Administrator Phyllis Ayers recommended having a representative from “Toccoa-Stephens County Tomorrow” come to speak to the county commission about what it is doing already.