Another Phone Scam Reported In Area

May 6, 2014

Even with tax season complete, telephone tax scams are apparently continuing.

AM 630 WNEG has received a report that an area resident received a phone call on Friday from someone speaking with what was described as a “heavy accent” claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

According to the report, the caller tried to tell the person that they owed the IRS money and obtain personal information like a Social Security number.

WNEG received a similar report last month.

At that time, Internal Revenue Service Spokesman Mark Green said that the agency sees a lot of scams similar to this.

Green reminded taxpayers that the IRS does not contact people for personal information via phone, text, e-mail, or social media.

He said people need to always remember to safeguard their personal information and not give it to people they do not know over the phone.

Green said that if someone thinks they are the victim of a tax scam, they should file a police report, advise their credit agencies, and then contact the Internal Revenue Service.

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